Live On Tour with Stoya & Mitcz

What's This All About?

Our culture is obsessed with sex -- kinks have gone from brown paper bags to blockbuster movies. Our Sex Ed, however, hasn't caught up with that progress. But, that's okay : Stoya (pornographer) and Mitcz Marzoni (comedian) are here to help. We're taking a bold, honest, and open-minded look at sex.

In these live shows : audiences shape the conversations, entertaining anecdotes are told, and interactive improv-style exercises help you better navigate your sex lives. In addition, there's Q&A sessions throughout the show - so you can pick the topics, scratch an itch of long-held curiosity, or just lighten the mood with something silly.

With their combined knowledge and 20+ years of sex industry experience, Stoya & Mitcz are here to Sex the World.

Join us, won't you?

I Wanna Go!

Great! We want as many people as we can get. We're still putting together tour dates, locations, venues and all that. But the more people who show genuine interest, the easier it'll be for us to book a live show near you.

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